the day before hanukkah


hanukkah starts on christmas day this year, which is so totally weird, and an obvious indicator this must have been jewish new year (they add an extra month, not just an extra day). anyhow, because of the endless rains earlier this week i was afraid we weren’t going to have our usual sunny, beautiful christmas. boy was i wrong. the weather magically cleared up around last night and today i walked around the city doing a few personal errands in a t-shirt. that’s right. it’s t-shirt weather on christmas eve.

pretty useless though because everywhere i went was either already closed, or closing right as i got there. it was absurd. the most absurd thing? a tattoo shop prominently displaying a “fuck xmas” shirt in the window was closed on a saturday afternoon, obviously because it’s christmas eve. hypocrite fuckers.

have you ever noticed that when the weather suddenly turns warm, stores simply can’t adjust their thermostats with the change in weather. i went into a bookstore today and it was so hot i was literally dripping sweat within 2 minutes. it was absurd.


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