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craig comes up with some real gems sometimes. last night we’re out at the mission bar, with nary an emo boy in sight and craig says “i’ve coined a new term. you know that awful emo haircut where a dude has long bangs all pushed down in front of his eyes and then the back […]



w00t!! finally enabled import. if you look to the right, there, you’ll see the entire archives of my blog life have been moved over to this new blog. i am as happy as a little girl. no more typepad, ever! should forward to this site by the end of the day.

ok. sure, i’m as excited to see x3 as the next gay comic book dork in love with hugh jackman and that kid who plays colossus. but there’s some seriously hot movies coming out no one is saying much about yet. first, can we talk about revolver. guy ritchie brings the usual suspects, including jason […]

richer than god


today disney bought pixar for 7.4 billion (with a B!!1!) dollars in stock. steve jobs owns 50% of pixar and in one fell swoop, he is now the largest single share holder of Disney stock and 2 billion dollars richer (AFTER taxes). and it’s not like he was poor yesterday. holy crap. the mind boggles.

the last gasp


the recording industries are now getting desperate to preserve their distribution and profit models. no matter how many studies show that downloading does not negatively impact sales. and despite the fact that tv networks are actually announcing that making their shows available on the iTunes store has actually increased regular viewership of those shows over […]

i can see it happening. every month or two something shows up in the news that should scare the shit out of anyone with half a brain. we are following the course of pre-nazi germany step by freaking step. last month ohio – the state i was born in – passed a bill that would […]

1. the vatican proves more reasonable than american politicians and religious leaders. seriously. the vatican newspaper today published an article on how intelligent design is not science and should not be taught along side science in school. 2. some country pop singer (i know, fish in a barrel) has this song that mixes country and […]