the slow blade penetrates the shield


it’s the mythbusters marathon on discovery and they managed to find a myth they couldn’t bust. it turns out that diving under water really will save you if you’re being shot at. the interesting bit was that older guns that fire bullets more slowly had a longer range under water than modern high speed weapons. in fact the faster the bullet, the less penetration it achieved under water. the whole time i was watching it i couldn’t help but think of the atriedes shield technology.


8 Responses to “the slow blade penetrates the shield”

  1. 1 Alex

    Atriedes shield technology, another related story. I was doing the typical see if my keywords showed up in google and here you were 🙂 Like minded.

  2. 2 Chris

    Ha! A random search – the movie is not forgotten 😉

  3. 3 lacigartootragical

    Make it 3. Glad to be here. I just got done folding space from Ix.

    I have a screenshot of the blade penetrating if anyone wants…

  4. 4 jamie

    For some reason this is the line I most remember from the film. So I typed into google and here I am!

  5. 5 killing_word

    Another quote searcher washed up on this random beach. Huzzah!

  6. 6 wmdfrank

    ….and another…how wonderful it is!

  7. 7 steve

    the principal is being applied to new body armor. it uses what’s called shearing fluid. Cornstarch and water are a good example. Has really good potential.

  8. 8 Watcher

    Ahh…..behold the power – and profound wisdom – of Dune….. 🙂

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