i know. i know.


okay folks it’s been a shameful 10 days since i blogged last and i got alot to say, so i’m hittin ’em hard and fast here, and putting everything technology related into one post. deal with it.

  1. you know that awesome post i wrote about the makebot and how i imagined interacting with a whole lot of websites and even my computer through my instant messenger client? well i’m not some super genius, i was merely peering 5 minutes into the future. last week, one week after i wrote that, microsoft showed off a scenario where users of their next os will be able to interact with their computers in a very conversational way through microsoft’s built in IM client.
  2. while i was in vegas i found new obsessions in my usual 3 electronic categories: cell phones, headphones and digital camera. i think i’ve found the optimal phone solution for me (nokia e70), unless the sidekick 3 is just amazing, the nokia will probably be my next phone. it is packed with features and hides a keyboard for when i need to fire off messages. the sony ericsson w810i will be an excellent choice for all the pals on cingular. i highly recommend it.
    i also found a few new pairs of headphones to obsess about. namely the new shure e500, but i’m getting kinda tired of in-ear headphones, so i’m thinking about of dj-style ones. luckily sprint graced me with a pair of cheap but decent over the ear noise cancelling headphones. they’re ugly but they sound pretty good. and nothin tastes better than free beer.
    finally my new digital camera obsession is primarily for work in the “budget” category is the panasonic fz-30. i tried it and took much better pictures than i can with the sony i use now. in the deluxe category is the sony r-1. it’s friggin awesome, but not a very realistic solution since it requires two hands to hold and that just won’t work for the kind of pictures i often have to take.
  3. apple announced their first round of intel based macs today. one is an imac that’s exactly the same as the last generation imac except with a new processor. the other is the replacement for the 15″ powerbook that i just got 6 weeks ago. i was kindof furious until i realized that alot of the technology in the new macbook (it’s not the powerbook anymore) is so new it won’t work with anything i have, or anything on the market for that matter. so even if i had waited, i couldn’t run right out and buy one because nothing will work with it until summer. so i still would have needed the computer i have and all is well. apple also announced a new web application that will let me create a blog and host it on my .mac account. so i will probably do that and save myself the hassle of having to find the right blog service and put my .mac money to better use. unfortunately, just like wordpress.com, it doesn’t support import blog posts. however since it’s apple software, it’s likely someone will write an importer application for it. possibly more quickly than wordpress will activate import on their service.
  4. also at the apple show tivo and slingbox both showed off early versions of their mac software. it’s about friggin time. of course that doesn’t change the fact that i think i’m pretty much done with tivo anyhow. i pay way too much money and i could buy a box that works with my mac and my psp and all sorts of other stuff out of the gate for all the monthly service payments i’ve given them.
  5. finally, i have one word for you: photocasting.

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