dodge challenger concept

kudos to dodge. they might actually launch the car that ford wouldn’t. i think it was jay mays who designed the ford forty two, a badass modern looking ode to the musclecars of the early 70s. sadly, ford never brought the forty two to life.

but now, as companies have been referencing their classic designs more and more, we’ve seen some acceptable psuedo-classic looking models. the new mustang isn’t bad, and i even think the dodge charger is pretty cool. but they still look like new cars trying to imitate old cars.

the challenger looks like a new version of an old car, not some reference to it. it has that same je nest ce quois as the new beetle, in that you know it’s a new car but it has the exact same feel as the old version. i’m so impressed with design, nevermind the hemi and all the actual muscley-ness of it. the challenger is just beautiful and it’s on my short list of cars worth owning.


2 Responses to “musclecar”

  1. 1 Johnny

    Have you seen the Camaro yet dude?

  2. Not a car person – but I will agree eagerly, thats hot!

    I wonder if CarShare could be pursuaded to get one?

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