go fight a kite


a few days ago scott posted about the next fighting 9.8th event. these guys get a bunch of cheap kites arm them with razor blades and have kite dog fights at the top of bernal hill.

today was a beautiful. 60, not a cloud in the sky, and one of those lazy sundays where there was nothin better to do than drink coffee with your pals and well, go check out the kite fighting. i mean when was the last time you flew a kite? have you even thought about flying a kite recently? exactly! but throw in sharp objects and fighting and amazing views of san francisco and well, doesn’t flying a kite sound great all of a sudden?

so niall, who so generously provided transportation, and i headed up for the festivities. when we got there, no one had arrived yet, which was fine because there was absolutely no wind. so we took advantage of the time and clear skies to walk around bernal hill park and take pictures of the city below and the landmarks – both natural and manmade – surrounding it.

a few minutes after we were done taking pictures, the kite fighting division began to arrive and we assembled some fighters. considering they were $1.79 kites, not all of them were sturdy enough to have survived previous fights. i had to try out a few before i found one that could fly. of course the wind picking up a half hour later helped.

niall took a few picks of me and some other fighters flying our weapons. it was fun as hell. my string got cut and i lost my soldier just before we were gonna leave. i’m workin on a cheap but slightly buffer replacement for the “shocker” when next the 9.8th meets.


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