that is not army issue


argh. how many ways do we fuck our own soldiers over. our government hires them to fight, trains them to fight, then screws them when they try to do their jobs. as if charging snipers for their meals when off on classified missions wasn’t enough, now some genius tells them that they cannot wear more effective, privately purchased body armor that the soldiers buy for themselves. this, after DOD studies that our current armor is not as effective as it could be. (the claim better body armor could have saved a large number of lives in 2004). i believe we have well trained, well equipped armed forces. but i read over and over that they aren’t well enough equipped. and if some soldier decides he’s willing to spend his own money to equip himself better shouldn’t that be his right? i mean i understand not letting soldiers choose their own weapon, that would be a logistical nightmare. but this is body armor, not something that requires service or ammunition.


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