is it possible to reverse course


i can see it happening. every month or two something shows up in the news that should scare the shit out of anyone with half a brain. we are following the course of pre-nazi germany step by freaking step.

last month ohio – the state i was born in – passed a bill that would allow law enforcement to ask pretty much anyone for their id anytime. the governor signed the bill into law this week. (jocko, mom, please get the hell out of there)

a few weeks ago it comes out that the nsa was spying on american citizens tapping our phone calls and emails without a warrant.

today fox news’s war against “ultra liberal” academics finally gains ground as a ucla alumni group offers students $100 for proof that their professors whose teaching include anything anti-bush, anti-american military policy, or anti-multinational corporation.

at what point has our tracing in the footstep of goebels gone too far? i hope we aren’t past the point of no return


One Response to “is it possible to reverse course”

  1. come to Australia now
    dont stop to pack, just grab your best three friends
    we cant stay here either, but its not far to NZ from here

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