the last gasp


the recording industries are now getting desperate to preserve their distribution and profit models. no matter how many studies show that downloading does not negatively impact sales. and despite the fact that tv networks are actually announcing that making their shows available on the iTunes store has actually increased regular viewership of those shows over the air. still the riaa and mpaa are scared because those organizations and their members would be much happier if they didn’t have to adapt to new models and business strategies. so what do they do? they continually try to stop time. to stop progress.

their latest effort? after the broadcast flag failed last year, they have managed to revive it, only this time it’s even worse. instead of just trying to stop the development of any new distribution technologies, this new broadcast flag (or is that broadcast FAG) will actually attempt to turn back the clock. making it illegal to create any new distribution or recording mediums that were not available before. nothing quite says last ditch effort than when an industry asks for more help than they know they could possibly get. they’re hoping that if they ask for absurd levels of protection they might get a little bit this time, instead of last time, when the bill was killed and the mpaa and riaa got nothin but a lot of bills from expensive lobbyists.


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