movies no one is talking about


ok. sure, i’m as excited to see x3 as the next gay comic book dork in love with hugh jackman and that kid who plays colossus. but there’s some seriously hot movies coming out no one is saying much about yet.

first, can we talk about revolver. guy ritchie brings the usual suspects, including jason statham, back together for a delicious casino pick, with all the expected backstabbing, plot twists, and action. it’s been out in the uk since september. they better release it here soon.

but two movies i’m sure are coming out here are v for vendetta and zodiac. V is a most inspiring tale of rebelling against oppressive totalitarian first world governments adapted from a graphic novel of the same name by the wachowskis. hugo weaving (aka agent smith) is the hero and natalie portman is his protege. a little something for anarchists of all sexual persuasions.

zodiac is david fincher’s latest in which jake gyllenhall wil be playing the intrepid writer whose real life book about the serial killer is the basis for this movie. who knows when it’s coming out but come on, david fincher? serial killer? it’s a natural fit.


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