craig is a genius


craig comes up with some real gems sometimes. last night we’re out at the mission bar, with nary an emo boy in sight and craig says “i’ve coined a new term. you know that awful emo haircut where a dude has long bangs all pushed down in front of his eyes and then the back half is all spiked and messy. i’m calling that the passive aggressive. it’s all sad in front but it crazy in the back. it’s the new mullet.

the passive aggressive

ladies and gentlemen, this picture is the unfortunate passive aggressive. sure it’s an exaggerated version to get the point across, and you’ll probably only see less extreme versions than this. but such a pronounced example will help you familiarize yourself with this blight, so that you can identify it in the wild. next time you see one, now you have a name for it. “did you see the passive aggressive on that guy? shwew he needs some meat, and a good dose of AC/DC.”


One Response to “craig is a genius”

  1. i don’t know this craig, but he is my new hero.

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