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i’m fed up with network tv. i know just last week i was totally impressed with nbc launching a new show using the itunes music store, and i still think that’s very brave of them, but so many other networks are so disappointing. the big tv networks are pulling the same shit big hollywood studios […]

someone, possibly a photographer but clearly with a photographer’s eye, has a blog of all the things he’s seen but did not photograph, despite wishing to do so. like my funny valentine, it is unphotographable

have you seen the cormorant? not only is it named for like the coolest named fishing bird ever, but it is one seriously badass piece of kit. it’s a submarine launched aerial drone – so it swims and flys! and carries a light payload (who cares). but who gives a crap what it does, how […]

ok, maybe the second to last piece of the puzzle, but once you’re that far, you know where both of them go so let’s just call it the last piece. not that you’ll notice but the sidebar here has changed slightly. yesterday wordpress gave us the power to re-arrange our sidebar and determine exactly what […]

holy cow


how can you not love san francisco. i’ll never understand. tonight, the last friday of february, it was so warm that there we were, probably 1000 people riding around san francisco on bicycles with nary a jacket in sight. the ritro bike posse decided they would ride to critical mass with a theme, and thus […]

o happy day


nike is bringing back the air woven. they launch today, and they’ll re-launch the japan only super bright multi-color edition. i must have a pair!

It’s funny because my quest to find the perfect cell phone / mobile device is really the most anti-norman thing ever. i want one device that satisfies all my mobile needs. i also want just one computer. i don’t want 1000 devices for each specific task, so in that way don and i may disagree. […]