remove. her. gag.


i know everyone else has written about the the state of the union today, so i’ll keep this short. yesterday makes me long for the good old days, like when the state of the union was actually worth talking about. now the side show that goes along with it says more about the state of the union than the speech itself. so the big news is apparently cindy sheehan was escorted out of congress before she even sat down, without so much as word as to why (according to her statement). she was wearing a tshirt with the number 2245 under her jacket. again, according to sheehan’s account after she was released from jail (yes jail), security was afraid she’d take her jacket off and removed her instead of warning her to keep her jacket on. does no one else see that in the act of trying to free iraq from the tyranny of a despotic megalomaniac we have put ourselves in the same situation?

apparently the president then proceeded to spout off about a bunch of issues that are basically non issues while doing his usual invoking of 9/11 and terrorists as his reason for everything else. political corruption and gay marriage (both bad) got half a sentence each (they had to share the same sentence). dependence on oil (not just foreign oil) got a few mentions. and then the kicker, the president warned us about abominable hybrids. not the gas-electric kind but the total evil island of dr. moureau human-animal type. i wonder what the president thinks about the pig parts that are probably keeping cheney’s heart ticking.


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