clear head


all this week, i had some crazy messed up sinus infection that basically kept me down. i was able to work and able to hit the gym, but not much else. i could barely have a good time with tim when he came in to visit. i managed to stay out for one drink and then had to run away before my head exploded in front of him. sometime on friday, the headache finally cleared but it wasn’t til today that i could finally breathe with my mouth closed for the first time in a week. i guess we didn’t miss much news wise, but here’s the skinny.

brian somehow managed to score a trip out here on his office’s tab and we got to chill. yesterday we walked up the embarcadero and then down through north beach and chinatown. it was beautiful. i took a couple of really good pictures, but unfortunately danger or t-mobile is busted. none of the emails i sent from my sidekick with picture attachments would send. brian and everyone else seem to be having the same problem. argh. the pix will be up as soon as service is restored.

yesterday night i had dinner with perry at baku de thai. it’s reasonably priced and the food is delicious and spicy as hell. so good. chao will like it since they have white fungus salad. then brian and i went to mission bar and pops. i wanted to show him some night life outside the castro. he liked both places.

today managed to be even nicer than yesterday. it was warm enough for a t-shirt until well after dark. we went down to the mission, hung out in dolores park, managed to get brian in for a tattoo with rassier and then went to niall’s for the superbowl. no one there was really interested in the game, but we were all interested in niall’s amazing 50″ flatscreen hdtv. it was totally amazing as a tvl, but it was just as amazing as a computer moniter too. wow. i was sooooo jealous. before my jealousy got out of hand brian and i walked back through hayes valley to my place and johnny called to remind me that tv is evil and anything we do to make tvs (not tv shows) more desirable is a bad bad thing.

that being said, it looks like this may finally be the month apple updates the airport express with both audio AND video out, which is what i have been waiting for. i’m sure i will wind up buying one despite the fact that it will make tv watching that much more desirable and i am violating the rule.

if i manage to stay strong and don’t get trapped into that glowing box in the corner of my room, february feels like a good month for fresh starts. i’m gonna take jocko’s advice and learn the scrawny to brawny regime while i’m away, to implement immediately upon return. i also have set a deadline that i must deal with all the paper clutter that has taken over every flat surface of my life by april 1. i’m sure it’s a reasonable goal when almost everything just needs a good shredding.


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