in two places at once


many of the folks i hang out with here in SF, at least the nerdier folks, have sidekicks like me. when we’re all together, we’re rarely on our sidekicks because the people we’d be on our sidekicks chatting to are right there with us. but while brian and i hung out this weekend he was on his sidekick pretty much non-stop – updating everyone as to what he was seeing and doing as it happened. he literally was doing his best to join his two worlds through texting. and i realized as i watched brian do it, it’s not just him. when i’m not physically around my friends i do the exact same thing. i’m always trying to bring them to me.

one thing brian and i noticed was that we do it using two different modes. he does it through sms, and i do it through aim. since everyone i know is almost always either at a computer or with their sidekick, we all primarily use aim to stay in touch, using sms as a last resort or as a way to involve the few non-aim addicts around us. brian is the only one he knows in boston with a sidekick, so everyone he knows uses sms all day long.

either way, neither of us really talk on the phone that much. we are exactly the kind of people danger or microsoft or whoever thinks of when they develop “data centric devices.” i mean we want to be able to make phone calls, but we do it far less frequently than we do other things with our phones. we are in the minority, but we are in it with many of the people we know.


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