best. suitcase. evar.


anyone who’s read this for longer than, say, a week, knows hw picky i am about bags and how much i love them. johnny used to joke that when i moved, i had a bag to pack everything in. that was before i acquired this much stuff, and before i had to travel with nice clothes. me. nice clothes. who would have believed. but i go to these trade shows and i would feel like a dope wearing worn out t-shirts and jeans. so i have some swanky shirts and stuff to dress up in.

the only problem is my only “suitcase” (just a rolly carry-on kinda bag, really), which has served me well in all sorts of conditions all over the world (because it also becomes a backpack), is not well suited to transporting dress clothes. so i had decided i better get something (a) a little bigger and (b) better at transporting all my ben sherman dress shirts before i head to spain.

a couple weeks ago i went down to flight 001 and the hideo wakamatsu store but i couldn’t find anything that i liked and that wasn’t either the same size as what i already had or just absolutely huge. so i went home and looked on the internets. sierra trading post, my favorite closeout shopping site had a couple of choices, but you never can tell what luggage is like online, you know?

i tried looking around at other sites to cross check what sierra had to offer and to make sure the price was good, and even though the model i chose won on all those accounts, it was really the brand that won me over. because the carry-on i own and love is a victorinox model, i took my chances on a another victorinox. this time the triax rolling garment bag. it seemed like just the right thing, and when ups came today with it, they won my loyalty again.

holy crap. this is the perfect bag (for my needs). i’m so in love i took a bunch of pictures and posted them on flickr hours ago! it’s got a smaller zippered section that acts as a garment bag with a way to safely stow a few shirts and pants wrinkle free. and then it’s got a second more cavernous compartment for everything else. plus there’s like all these little compartments to store little nick-knacks away. but the coolest things are actually outside the bag. it’s got this handle system that takes up like no discernable space and the best thing? it’s made of kevlar. KEVLAR people. so high tech.


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