we all watch tv


i admit it. despite my best efforts, me and the tube have a relationship. thanks to tivo and the fact that i just don’t care all that much, i’m not a slave to the tv, but i definitely watch it. and right now, right now i’m freakin in love with love monkey. it is the consumate non-sitcom show for guys. it’s like an hour long high fidelity every week, only without john cusack’s simpishness. in short, it’s perfect. music, sports, dudes hanging out like actual dudes, supporting each other, giving each other shit, and just being guys without being some weird tv simulation of guys. the show gives me goosebumps. really. if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, add it to your season pass or torrent it or whatever. i swear you won’t be disappointed.


One Response to “we all watch tv”

  1. 1 keith

    I’ll torrent it and try it out, but am very wary of anything with Jason Priestly.

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