barcelona in 500 words or less


i’m back from barcelona. that place is awesome. i easily could have stayed there and never come back. it’s perfect – like paris only warmer and friendlier and sexier. i seriously was walking down the street drooling. the guys there aren’t all steroided out, they’re just in shape and sexy in that mediterannean i go to the gym but i also lead a good life and have fun sort of way.

the gay bars were barely gay. even in the gay ghetto at least 50% of the people in every gay bar were straight, often couples. there was this awesome bar called sweets on casanova, if you’re in barcelona, you gotta check it out. when we walked in they were playing magnetic fields “i thought you were my boyfriend” fuckin a! i guess what should i expect from one of the few countries that has legalized gay marriage.

there’s a ton of cars, but just like paris, motorcycles (mostly 125 and 250s) and scooters rule the streets. and matt, there’s bike lanes everywhere. seriously

plus, well the city is beautiful, has great weather, tons of culture and is totally on my i don’t eat dinner before 8pm schedule.


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