stop making my job hard for me


here’s a cry out to every company out there in the world, it’s a simple idea that will make every journalist’s life easier and save your company money at the same time. instead of paying a p.r. agency millions of dollars to spam me with your goddamn press releases, pay a website developer a couple thousand to add an RSS feed to the press release page that goes under-utilized on your website. i realize RSS hasn’t caught on with the masses, but for anyone who writes for a living it’s a necessity. if you give us an RSS feed of your news, it comes to our computers faster, which means we’ll get your story out earlier if it interests us. and if it doesn’t interest us we won’t subscribe to your feed or we will just ignore the useless news bits when they come across our RSS reader. this would make everyone so much happier. KUDOS to cingular and symbian, as they are the only two companies i deal with that offer this.


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