top 3 phones of the moment


because i’m always looking around for the next best thing in cell phones (that is my job after all), and because i still haven’t found the perfect phone for me, so i am constantly engaged in the quest, i’ll keep you up on what’s looking good right now.
first i guess i should tell you what i’m lookin for in a phone, so you can decide if you even care about these phones:

  1. messaging: sms, email, AIM – i barely use my phone for phone calls. seriously.
  2. good signal strength and decent battery life – i hate to recharge shit
  3. great camera with a great interface – i never carry a regular camera with me, so my phone is my camera at all times
  4. mac synchronization – yup, it’s gotta sync somehow, preferably over bluetooth
  5. mp3 / m4a music player – this is not critical, but i don’t always remember to bring the nano

so here’s what’s looking good right now: the Nokia e70 is still a leader in the running. but now there’s two more. at the show i learned that sony ericsson is set to announce a phone for the US that will blow away all over cameraphones, a pal additionally heard it’s a slider-style. could be very tempting if there’s a decent AIM client for it, even though i’m sure it won’t have a QWERTY keyboard, which i’ve been spoiled by on the sidekick. also, pictures of the new sidekick have started surfacing, considering i love my current one, and the new one supposedly addresses all the things i don’t like about it, it sounds really tempting, but who knows. of course neither of these two have been announced yet, so i guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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