why oh why are my friends single


i don’t understand. i’m friends with a number of guys in SF from their mid 20s to mid 30s. these guys are smart, funny, generous and most are very good looking. and yet the large majority of them seem to be single. they haven’t always been single, i’ve known them to have girlfriends (or boyfriends), but right now no one is dating. they don’t talk about dating, they don’t seem to have any interest in it.

i guess i’m not really any different. i’d consider myself eligible, but i’m not dating either, nor am i really trying to. and i’m trying to figure out, do these people seek each other out and become friends, or do they affect each other’s behavior such that the longer they’re around each other, the less likely they are to date or something. i mean from time to time i have actually dated. just not lately.

what bugs me is not my own lack of dating but that i think some of these guys are so fantastic that it pains me that they don’t have a special person in their lives to share their extraordinariness (i know, i doubt that’s a word) with. sure they share it with their friends and acquaintances, but they deserve to share it with someone on a more intimate level, even if that means sharing it less with me. so please, if you’re single, take a look at my friends and introduce yourself to one of them. i’m a terrible matchmaker, but i’m a great conduit for people to meet each other


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