there’s a story in there somewhere


i’ve always been the guy people will share things with. strangers, people i barely know, good friends, whoever – tell me things they need to get off their chests but don’t want to reveal to the public just yet. i’m that guy. the guy who should be the overweight gay best friend in like every teen movie ever made. now if only i was fat.

at heart, i’m shy and quiet. i think it’s part of what makes everyone feel the need to talk around me. being the guy everyone wants to tell stuff to means that i can often start conversations with the most imposing of people, as long as i’ve read enough by them online or heard them talk enough to know what it is they need to talk about.

i don’t do it intentionally, i have no designs on manipulating these people, instead i have designs on getting to know them. although i know i’m pretty decent at this, i’m often still amazed that it works that so and so is really talking to me. even though i’m not the the fat gay best friend, this still works much better online – in email or IM – than in real life because let’s face it, i’m not hideous but there are always better looking people than me at the party.

so i form all these online relationships with people. sure, they’re cool and i value them some of them as much as i value relationships with my actual physical friends. and those, those are the ones i’d love to bring into some sort of real-world thing – sometimes even a romantic thing – but i think that i need to take tom cruise’s course in magnolia or something, because i doubt they could ever get out of the “friend zone.” you think that course works for homos?

so anyhow now i’m blessed with alot of virtual friends, and alot of virtual friends’ secrets, big news and other sundries that i can’t tell. and i’m too online-oriented to feel the need to share them with post secret, though i do think that service is awesome. i mean the secrets aren’t even mine. i don’t really need to share them all that badly. it’s just so weird to have all this information and not be able to share it, especially when you consider what i do for a living.

like i said, there’s a story in here somewhere, only for once i can’t tell it, so i don’t really know where it is.


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