taking credit where none is due


there is a certain internet spokesmodel who blogs about the cellular  industry. whenever anything he’s blogged about comes to fruition, no matter how obvious it was, he takes credit for it. this probably makes him much more famous (than he deserves to be) and i should take note of that and do the same here, but i won’t. because when he does it, it bugs the hell out of me.

needless to say, for some time i’ve been talking about how the networks need to switch to a la carte programming, not just on a channel by channel basis, but on a show by show basis. over the past year, this has started to come to fruition in radio. many public or non-profit stations offer specific shows as either streams or podcasts (why doesn’t npr have a podcast for every friggin show, like say, fresh air or this american life?). but now commercial broadcasters both audio and visual are starting to get it.

 A while ago i proposed that what broadcasters need to do is offer the first episode or two of their show as a free download and then let me purchase a season subscription if i like it. A few days ago, after offering me 12 side-splitting funny episodes for free, the ricky gervais podcast has announced the next season will be offered by paid subscription – a whopping 7 bucks.
7 bucks? that’s cheaper than a movie and it will actually be funny. he’ll offer it through itunes and audible so it will still come right to my ipod where i can listen to it just like i always do. yah, i’ll pay that.

then a mere day later, nbc gets it right and will preview a new legal drama by offering the first episode as a free download on the itms. if the premiere is successful, nbc will run the show and allow you to subscribe to a season pass on itunes. other networks such as abc and usa are already offering season subscriptions to many established popular shows for substantially less than the cost of episode-by-episode downloads.

now rumor has it that apple may upgrade the resolution of itms video, possibly changing the format to an hd-like 16:9 aspect ratio. if this is true, i can easily buy season passes to a number of shows and never watching my tv again. ok. i know i’ll watch the damn tv, but any steps i can take to (a) directly support the tv shows i love (love monkey!!1!) and (b) watch as little mind-numbing tv fluff as possible, i see as good, productive things. 


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