after a dangerous first weekend home, i went to the gym on monday only to realize exactly how bad things were. i mean when i was in spain i was kinda proud that all the other tourists were winded going up the spire stairs at sagrada familia while i didn’t even think they were a big deal. but when i was finally back around people who work out and a trainer yelling at me, i realized how whimpy i had become.

over my trip i took jocko’s advice and read scrawny to brawny. it was a good read if only to remind me that i need to eat way better and that i need to get back to the compound exercises i used to do before i got on the crazy endurance training kick. don’t get me wrong, the endurance stuff was awesome and i will always incorporate into the lifting, but it’s not exactly designed to get you big. not that i wanna be huge, but i’ve been feeling mighty small (and mighty whimpy) lately.

so i started out by eating better and drinking more water. immediately my body knew what was up and started flushing out all the crap i’ve been pouring into it. i’ll spare you the details, and skip to the part where i feel good again. not strong yet, but good. but i better bust out the strong right quick cuz let me tell you guys. there’s a whole slew of new hot dudes joining in the foot fighting and i better start lookin good in hopes that at least one or two of play for my team.


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