holy cow


how can you not love san francisco. i’ll never understand. tonight, the last friday of february, it was so warm that there we were, probably 1000 people riding around san francisco on bicycles with nary a jacket in sight. the ritro bike posse decided they would ride to critical mass with a theme, and thus was born critical mustache. mustaches were grown, pasted on or drawn in and we all left together and rolled up to justin herman plaza en masse.

after we met up with like 900 of our closest friends, and lots of hollering, we launched. it started out as a typical critical mass – a parade up to union square where we did laps cheering while tourists got annoyed they were trapped in their cars. then on through the city and down to fishermans wharf of all places, where eventually a friggin toyota packed with 8 idiots, many of whom were likely drunk, tried to pull out into us, then wanted to fight. they were drunk and outnumbered and talked down. after which we rode up lombard, just like in the SF grand prix, which by the way has been cancelled for this year due to some dispute with the city council over who will pay for the cops.

the ride kept going for a while and as usual thinned out as it went on. but it remained fun. no one could hold back the good feelings brought about by dominating the streets on bicycles on bicycles on such a fine night.


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