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You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. or, in this case, everyone else Advertisements

i’m sure all my pals know about flickr by now – i mention it enough, link to it enough and use it enough that there’s no way you couldn’t have seen it. and now you can feel really cool when the rest of america sees it this week, since they’re the cover story of newsweek. […]

we got a break in the rain today, and i took full advantage of it. damn was i goin: took mack for a walk. had brunch outside with nigel. walked to the mission. met some new people doing new things. then niall and i grabbed a sandwich and ate a very late lunch on the […]

i am not blogging because i have been devoting pretty much all of my creative energy into phonescoop. since i joined phonescoop, it’s become much more of a media site, and in order to continue that momentum we’ve been doing stuff like adding video and other new multimedia features. i’m writing fewer features these days, […]

opening night i went to see v for vendetta on the imax. it was perfect. amazing. never has a comic book (graphic novel, whatever) been so well translated from print to the screen. sin city was neat, but the effort to copy frank miller’s exaggerated characters and hyper chiarascuro took something away from the movie. […]

you got an F


actually, they get an A. vw has done it again. since the last cabriolet commercial (like 2 years ago) vw’s advertising has fallen somewhere between boring and “they have commercials?” for some reason they decided to ditch their youthful appeal and try to focus on an older market segment, both in their advertising and their […]

as some of you may know, i used to work for a certain gigantic software company located in the pacific northwest. when i first started there, that company was far ahead of many competitors as far as predicting and planning for the future of mobile phones and devices. but while i was there, things stalled. […]