eric in flight

i haven’t been able to concentrate for days. i simply couldn’t write. i’ve been going to the gym plenty, eating healthy and having a good time. there was no good reason for my poor performance other than something was just out of whack.

this morning when trying IMing someone who was actually doing work to try and inspire myself, i get an invitation to go flying. flying like in a small plane. niall was going down to fly around with seth and was allowed to bring some dead weight. remembering the wonderful feeling of flying in small planes with dwight or steve or toby, i jumped at the chance. there’s nothing like being just a few thousand feet above the ground, soaring with no screaming kids, no captains announcements no nothing but you and the clouds and your pals and the ground below. pure bliss.

so we drove down to palo alto, checked out a fun old little 4 seater, and off we went. flying up the bay to circle downtown SF, the Rock, and then out through the golden gates – literally – to swoop down the coast. an hour of aerial sensory overload and sensory depravation. exactly what i needed. see niall’s great pictures of the trip.

cap that off with a delicious breakfast in half moon bay, plus a little geeking out and a spicy mocha at coupa cafe and i am ready to rock.

but i won’t get around to some serious blogging later tonight. after i go watch the UFC fights at nigel’s. can you imagine a more perfect ending to this day than getting to see georges st. pierre fight? no. neither can i.


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