gsp and crow

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UFC 58 last night was astounding. it might have been one of the most evenly matched fight cards dana white has been able to come up with in like, forever. there wasn’t a single knockout. even mike swick’s quick submission only came after an evenly matched melee.
I’m so glad they had a lightweight match. it was monkey-riffic. i mean look at the move that finally led to yves’ defeat. mark hominick wrapped his legs around yves with some weird triangle choke / armbar combination that you wouldn’t see middleweights attempting.

but the impressive display was not just the fighting but the fortitude. the two canadian challengers david “the crow” loiseau and georges “GSP” (or as i like to call him, “the REAL gorgeous george”) st. pierre both fought with all their hearts, lasting through the entire fight with swollen bloody faces. for st. pierre, the cut below his eye and the bloody nose only spurred him on to fight harder. after he regained his composure (and sight), he controlled the fight. b.j. penn was calm and cool, but he was lazy. and lost to GSP because he sat back and let the bloody GSP dominate. i don’t doubt b.j. penn could have taken him, but he didn’t, and who wouldn’t give the fight to a guy who kept putting the moves on despite streaming blood from his face.

loiseau couldn’t follow in gsp’s footsteps. once loiseau got hit a few times, he spent most the fight backpedaling from franklin. he was able to fire off a few good combos, even in the later rounds, but franklin was clearly in control the entire time, even within seconds of getting hit. still loiseau deserves to be commended for stick the fight out, never giving up, despite the fact that unless he could knock franklin out (which he didn’t even try to do) he simply was not going to win.

the amazing performance of these canadians is a stark contrast to the behavior of the american fans at mandalay bay. during the fights they were silent during flurries, and loud as opponents squared up. after the fights, they booed the losers, and barely cheered for the winners. after the gsp v. bj penn bout, they booed BOTH men, then booed middleweight champion matt hughes (who gsp will now fight) as he came in the octagon for a post-fight interview. if they were booing BOTH challengers and the champion, exactly who are they rooting for? their behavior disgusted me. it’s one thing to boo a fighter who gives up. but these fighters all showed such heart that i would be willing to bet they could easily take on any audience member who felt they were so badass that they deserved to boo and win. i’ve been wanting to go see the ufc fights in person so badly, but after hearing those mooks, i’m sure i’d be the one getting into a fight and i wouldn’t get to see much.


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