get your laws off my body


rumor has it that the republicans are going to try and make gays an issue in the next election. now that a bunch of states have already passed laws banning gay marriage, the republicans intend to strike fear into the heart of the bible belt with the menace of gay adoption. the democrats answer? tiptoe around the gay constituency in hopes that conservative voters might consider a democrat.

the effects of this new demonization of gays are chilling. disinformation spread by churches and fearmongering conservatives have reversed alot of the progress made in the past 10 years. for instance, aids has again become the “gay cancer” and many who don’t know better have been told there’s a high chance any given gay person has it. even if we aren’t dying of aids, we are still dying – at the hands of the law. this police chief stopped two different people from giving cpr to a gay man because he might have aids (he didn’t). how many more will have to die from such stigmas before we can turn things back around to the progress we were making.

it is no comfort to know that it is not just gays who are losing their rights. this is a sad week for women, as south dakota has just become the first state to re-instate a ban on abortion in all except the most extreme cases. both gays and abortions now move back underground.


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