the rains will not quit. but the california sun is mighty and is fighting back with all its heart. today there are clouds and showers, but the sun is trying to beat them back. days like today always make me think of the song sunshowers. but actually, the song isn’t called sunshowers, it’s called sunspots. its the first song on bob mould’s workbook, which on some days is the most perfect album ever. in fact i almost regret putting up the first song, because once you hear it, you expect the rest of the tracks to keep playing. it’s one of those albums i have to play in order all the way through. anyhow. sunspots, as it’s actually called, is an instrumental song of hope, a minute or so of bob saying “it’s gonna be all right.” things start out kinda dainty and mellow and get stronger and then end in the (acoustic) power chord intro to wishing well.


One Response to “sunshowers”

  1. 1 Veronica

    I got so lucky this morning:

    8:00am – I can hear the rain hitting my skylight. This is not going to be a good commute.
    8:15am – Not raining, I get on a bus very quickly anyhow.
    8:25am – Pouring rain as we go down Page! Man, my four-block walk is going to SUCK.
    8:40am – Not raining. Sun is actually shining through the clouds as I walk to work.

    San Francisco is frickin\’ weird. Not one drop of rain hit me the entire way. w00t!

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