fashion conspiracy


9mm black and platinum bulletjesse, in his ultimate quest for the perfect wardrobe has been stumbling across a number of perfect but far too expensive items. the perfect combat photographer style shirt for only $600. the perfect cargo pants for only $180. it’s all a little overboard. clothes like that are the reason i stopped subscribing to GQ and esquire and never subscribed to cargo. i don’t mind spending some cash, but money like that on clothes that i’ll doubtless spill coffee or tear is just pointless. i can spend it better. even if something looks really hot, the jew in me can usually talk me out of it if it’s just too much dough. today i wish the jew would shut up. i’m so in love with a completely overpriced replica of a bullet. it’s made as a necklaces, and no i never wear em, but damn how badass is it to have a bullet you wear all the time. and the fact that it’s not really a bullet and a good chunk of the money goes to charity is pretty cool too. if you wanna blow some major dough on something really cool, you can get ’em here while supplies last. there’s only 100 total so they’re going fast.


2 Responses to “fashion conspiracy”

  1. 1 Johnny

    those are pretty cool but you could drill a hole in an actual bullet and donate the other $699.75 to the charity of your choice. Or spend it on three pairs of cargo pants!

  2. 2 Dan

    To be fair, drilling a hole in live ammunition is a monumentally bad idea. However, so is wearing one of those sharp armor piercing machine gun rounds as a necklace – it looks like it would make falling on your keys feel like acupuncture.

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