the art director


this is a those who can’t do, teach sort of thing. back when i was a designer, i never took pictures. i saw a photo in my head and described it to a professional photographer who would turn my vision into reality. because of this i never really learned how to take a picture, just how to crop, edit and manipulate them in the digital world. after my design career ended, i realized that i liked pictures but didn’t know how to take one. i spent 3 years ignoring and then fretting over my lack of photographic skills, and then 3 years developing them. it took a while – much longer than i expected, but now i usually like the pictures i take.

cut to january. for the first time i record video – for work, not for pleasure. my first one stinks. i get some feed back. my second still stinks. more feedback, my third is ok but i’m still disappointed. jesse comes up and makes a couple for us too. this weekend we shot jesse’s second one. it’s still disappointing. rich gives us a ton of criticism. we roll in his comments and finally execute on all the past criticisms. jesse puts it all together like a natural. sure i gave jesse direction just like i gave all those photographers direction, but jesse put it all together like a pro.

now that i’ve touched video, i love it. i want to do it all the time. i want to make more of it. but it’s clear that just like wiith photography, i am not a natural at it. i can see what in my head, but i can’t make it happen yet. i hope this doesn’t take 3 years again.


One Response to “the art director”

  1. I think the first time we do anything–it stinks!
    With time–U shall b a professional!
    Good Luck with everything!

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