veni vidi vendetta


opening night i went to see v for vendetta on the imax. it was perfect. amazing. never has a comic book (graphic novel, whatever) been so well translated from print to the screen. sin city was neat, but the effort to copy frank miller’s exaggerated characters and hyper chiarascuro took something away from the movie. in V, they copied certain frames from the comic book exactly but it was shot as the movie. you’d never know those were comic book frames if you never read the original work. it stood on its own. and it wasn’t gutted at all. they kept every important scene. in fact they kept the entire story in tact. the only thing they did was take out a few of the references to the thatcher / irish theme of the original so that it’s more applicable to totalitarian regimes around the world. maybe removing the irish references is what made alan moore so mad. i didn’t miss them. i thought the movie was perfect. knowing the same team has the rights to the watchmen gives me heart. i can’t wait to see rohrshach on the big screen. “i cut it and it didn’t look like a woman anymore.”


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  1. i loved the movie as well. it was especially interesting to see it in NYC, for obvious reasons. it was so good, i had goosebumps more than once.

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