turn and face the strange


i am not blogging because i have been devoting pretty much all of my creative energy into phonescoop. since i joined phonescoop, it’s become much more of a media site, and in order to continue that momentum we’ve been doing stuff like adding video and other new multimedia features. i’m writing fewer features these days, but feel like i’m doing alot more work. it’s not the bad kind of work, in fact it totally energizes me because it makes me learn, and forces me to grow beyond what i’m used to or comfortable with. in the course of 2 months jesse and i have made enough videos that now we’re becoming good at it. we know what it takes and how to make a good one. and now we’re going to branch out into yet more media. it’s totally exciting to me and i love where it’s going. but it drains me of my other creative endeavors. i’m sure as i grow better at all these things, i’ll return to blogging more regularly, but for now, you’ll just have to IM or call me if you want to know what’s going on. and if you’re desperate for some good blog reading, jocko doesn’t have much to do at work, so he’s on a roll.


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