right under my nose


we got a break in the rain today, and i took full advantage of it. damn was i goin: took mack for a walk. had brunch outside with nigel. walked to the mission. met some new people doing new things. then niall and i grabbed a sandwich and ate a very late lunch on the peir at chrissy field watching the sun go down over the golden gate bridge and fort point. then off to watch the sopranos with neil and nate (it was a day of people whose names start with N!).

this morning, before this wonderful, busy day, i realize how much i take what we have here for granted. not in a bad way, i don’t stay home and let all this area has to offer pass me buy. instead i take it for granted that i am doing all these great things all the time and many other people do not have these opportunities – sometimes even my friends who live elsewhere. they call me up and ask what i’ve been up to and i say “enh, not much,” but i realize nothing could be further from the truth.

sure, maybe it’s no longer the close the shop, run up mt marcy, have a sandwich, camp out, run down, jump in the shower, pray you get to work on time life that i once lived, but this is nothing to sneeze at.


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