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in stories, oracles, fortune tellers and prophets were always holed up alone in some hard to get to place. and you know why they were there? not so that it was a challenge to seek them out like literature implies. no they were there because they were so burndened by all the things they knew […]

you knew this was coming, the desktop publishing post before wasn’t there just out of the blue. i started thinking about all the people publishing crappy newsletters after the democratization of traditional publishing because i think we are on the verge of video being democratized. there are already 20 or more sites out there for […]

remember the term “desktop publishing?” that was teh hotness back in 1988-1998. macintoshes and adobe software and later pcs and all sorts of evil applications like corel draw plus 100,000 copy machines and we would all be our own publisher. it’s true, democratizing the tools necessary to write, design and publish a paper, magazine or […]

oh russ, you really know how to reward your loyal readers. i may not have always agreed with you, but i at least read what you wrote and gave it some thought. and then you decide to stop blogging, which i understand. you have a job and a family and probably lots of other things […]

it’s no surprise really, i mean just think about it. when technology has helped us build a visual society, who wants to read websites or listen to audio streams when you could watch and get so much more information in less time? video is well beyond passing fad. i’ve seen some stuff lately that’s really […]

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make something


this weekend is the maker faire. and even though i am totally against anybody calling their fair a faire, i went anyway. i mean we had free tickets and knew lots of the nerd pals would be there, so niall and i took a drive down to san mateo. it was totally excellent. everyone from […]