one knife ruins your whole day


so you may recall that months ago i broke the story that thieves were ripping laptops out of people’s hands or off their tables in cafes. a few other bloggers picked up the story but it was largely ignored… until this weekend. thursday, while i was having a few afternoon beers courtesy of nokia, some dude got stabbed when he tried to pull his laptop back from a thief. now news papers, tv reporters and every blogger on earth is on the story. yes it sucks for this guy, and i’m happy he’s going to be ok, but it was one stabbing. people regularly get hurt for less, even in san francisco.

apparently laptops continue to get stolen by people marching into cafes and yanking them away from owners, and the cops can’t really do anything about it. this recent incident happened at mission creek cafe, which is one of 3 popular internet cafes on the same block – including one of my faves – ritual roasters. the block is a target rich environment to be sure.

so watch your lappys people, and if someone’s grabbing, be sure to look up and evaluate the situation before you go trying to defend your katana. and please, people, BACK UP. you never know when or how your data may disappear.


2 Responses to “one knife ruins your whole day”

  1. 1 Dan

    Also, be sure to load up your laptop with kiddie porn. That way if the theif gets caught with it they get tossed in jail as a pedophile. I see no potential problems with this plan.

  2. 2 johnny

    kind of an obvious question, but aren’t people locking their laptops down with a combo-cable? I know I do. The visual alone is a deterrent.

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