superhero training school


i admit it. i have this thing for superheroes. not your average ladies underwear over tights superheroes. no i have this thing for the superheroes who were human. the punisher, rohrshach, even a bit of the batman. i dig the dudes who were heroes because they trained to be, not because they were born that way. this is also why i totally love super spies – the first few seasons of alias, jason bourne, etc.

i always wanted to be one of those dudes but never thought i was cut out for it. recently they replayed the “superheroes” episode of this american life. some chick thought she could train to be a superhero or superspy, and even though she did all this training and learned all this shit, she still couldn’t get into the CIA. it takes more than a checklist of skills.

anyhow just because i’ll never be the real life version of frank castle doesn’t mean i’m any less obsessed with real life super hero training. so here’s some cool stuff.

when your training for knife fights, training with real knives is tough and training with rubber ones poses no threat. (yes, i’ve tried both. i get myself into crazy things sometimes.) so the shocknife makes knife training dangerous without being life threatening. the blade delivers a shock instead of a cut. i’m totally obsessed.

check out these dudes. there’s tons of videos on youtube of guys who train in what is basically martial arts for movies. but these guys look like they have real fighting skills and they’re damn good at parkour too! a force to be reckoned with.

and more good news. there’s nothing like tool for training to fight. they’re music is angry, rebellious, loud and a bit angsty. and they have a new album coming out called 10,000 days. the first single drops in 5 days. w00t!


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