damn commercials


there are periods in advertising history when a catchy song starts to peak just as it’s been licensed for a commercial. i’m not talking about how everyone and his brother has been using postal service songs (or covers of them) because although they are catchy (in an emo sort of way), they are sadly past there peak. (sorry ben. i love your new album!)

no. i’m talking about much catchier, timelier (and sadliy cheesier) songs. Verizon is killing me, just killing me, by using a sean paul joint in their new commercial. sean paul and i have this love hate relationship. his music is catchy as all fuckin getout (except for his sophomore album. blech) but he’s a cheeseball and he’s not exactly down with the gays. still everytime i hear temperature i can’t help but shake my ass… to a fuckin verizon commercial for pete’s sake.

jesse, on the other hand, is in love with a Jaguar commercial. They’ve chosen the retro-licious new song from spoon, i turn my camera on. it’s not catchy in that shake your ass sort of way, but it is catchy. plus it’s spoon. they’re like SF faves.


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