laser focus, part two


as i was putting that last post together, i realized that i was equally guilty of the WBC’s lack of focus. my blog has been all over the place for far too long. i feel like i’m getting my groove back, but that i still cover too much. and yes, still spend way too much time talking about my own problems. old habits die hard. i don’t want this to be my downfall (tho it already has been to some extent.), so it’s time to re-invent the blog. i was thinking i’d split it into separate blogs, but that’s a pain. we all have enough sites to read. so instead i’m going to use the password feature built into this blog.

here’s the deal. from now on, if a post reads more like dear diary than something i think the public at large is interested in, i will still write it and put it up here but i will password protect it. i will use the same password every time, because well, the last thing you need is a million passwords just to read my pointless shit. if you wanna read the personal all you have to do is email me for the password. if you barely know me (or don’t know me at all, even) that’s cool, just ask nice. if you know me really well but don’t care about that shit, i won’t be offended in the least. oh and let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my new email address. i’m finally ditching apple’s dot mac service and taking advantage of the fact that i’ve been using for my blog for years. so now eric [at] n1s [dot] net (you know how this works. i don’t want spam) is my official email addy. hooray.


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