make something


this weekend is the maker faire. and even though i am totally against anybody calling their fair a faire, i went anyway. i mean we had free tickets and knew lots of the nerd pals would be there, so niall and i took a drive down to san mateo. it was totally excellent. everyone from squid labs to mr. jalopy to eyebeam’s graffiti research lab was there, along with tons of exhibitors who don’t have big names but were willing to share their knowledge. very little of the fair was about buying things or just visiting a booth. for the most part they were about learning things. exhibitors ran workshops, teaching people everything from crafts to robot programming. and they weren’t just teaching adults, there were tons of people who had set up projects for kids to learns everything from screen printing to circuit bending. it was amazing how interested the kids were.

for the past few years i’ve been seeing countries in europe and asia implementing programs to teach kids about inventing things. i’ve honestly been worried for american kids. afraid that with all the educational funding cuts and teaching to tests that we would raise a generation of stupid kids who only learned to buy and sell things. but i see that the people have taken things into their own hands. and seeing the kids’ reaction yesterday gave me hope.

and of course, being around over 10000 (literally!!) people who were into making things made me want to make more things too. i’m sure it made everyone there want to make more things. how great!


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