nice way to say goodbye


oh russ, you really know how to reward your loyal readers. i may not have always agreed with you, but i at least read what you wrote and gave it some thought. and then you decide to stop blogging, which i understand. you have a job and a family and probably lots of other things you want to do. so ok. but then what do you do? you don’t exit gracefully shutting down your rss feed and closing up your blog. no. you put one last rss entry up with flashing red and white telling us to unsubscribe from your blog. in other words you want us to make the effort to leave your blog for you. and you’re not even asking nicely. you’re being as annoying as possible. now is that any way to treat the people who were a considerate part of your blog community? i don’t think so.

dear readers, if you ever think i’m treating you rudely, i hope you’ll let me know too. any of you who know me knows i can take it.


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