video is the new hotness


it’s no surprise really, i mean just think about it. when technology has helped us build a visual society, who wants to read websites or listen to audio streams when you could watch and get so much more information in less time?

video is well beyond passing fad. i’ve seen some stuff lately that’s really convinced me not just that it’s the way to go (as of january we started doing video reviews on phonescoop), but that it’s going to become more popular and more accessible. i’m not just talking about the fact that there’s like 9 million videos on youtube. i’m talking about the fact that people like me and others with no experience and nothing more than a cheap camera and imovie are trying to do stuff with some sense of production values. check out what cabel is doing. he’s a genius. and it’s not just tech shmoes like us either. ira glass, the man who for years didn’t have a picture of himself online because he claimed he has a face for radio is turning this american life into a tv show for showtime. ira glass is doing tv! next thing you know terry gross will show up at vloggercon.


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