video is the future, part 2


remember the term “desktop publishing?” that was teh hotness back in 1988-1998. macintoshes and adobe software and later pcs and all sorts of evil applications like corel draw plus 100,000 copy machines and we would all be our own publisher.

it’s true, democratizing the tools necessary to write, design and publish a paper, magazine or book yielded a few gems and really boosted the zine and indy comic movement. but for every awesome zine out there, there were 20 that stank, and worse there were 20 times more pointless newsletters telling you the latest goings on in the houser family or the local pta — most of which were atrociously written and terribly designed. it was torture.

the desktop publishing revolution ended when the web came around and people realized that the internet was a much better place for content of interest to so few people. now we have blogs – bite sized bits of information much better suited to this information, and thanks to easily accessible, well designed, free templates, blogs aren’t just a more appropriate medium for this content, they are usually usually much more tolerable from a design standpoint. (myspace home pages notwithstanding.)

the fact that we have moved from desktop publishing to blogs and other internet content is why i believe that for the most part, we will move from blogs and other written content to richer content – pictures, audio and video. i mean would you rather read a description of an event or watch the relevant video highlights with some commentary. yah. exactly.

it seems we’re on 10 year cycles, and as 1996 marked the change from personal publishing in print to written internet publishing, 2006 will mark the change from written internet publishing to something more media-rich.


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