paralyzed by foreknowledge


in stories, oracles, fortune tellers and prophets were always holed up alone in some hard to get to place. and you know why they were there? not so that it was a challenge to seek them out like literature implies. no they were there because they were so burndened by all the things they knew were coming that the could not bear to leave for fear of making the wrong move or decision.

i know this become i am always paralyzed about buying gadgetry, especially mobile phones. writing about, and even getting to use, phones months before they come out means i often know about the replacement for phones before the phones they are replacing even get released. since i know about all the phones that are newer, cooler, whatever than the phones i can buy, i don’t want to spend any money on the current phones (even though it’s not really my money) because i know if i wait the next cool phone is coming. but alas. i’m just gonna have to suck it up, aren’t i?


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