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it’s very weird to have to willfully occupy myself without tv. it’s was even harder adjusting since last night i was totally sick and could barely move. i finally copied all my music to the new imac and hooked it up to my stereo. the mac automatically recognizes that i’ve hooked it up using an […]

tonight we saw “keeping up with the steins.” what a totally lackluster movie. piven played ari gold but with a different name and was the only one worth watching. everyone else just seemed to phone in their performance. maybe it was the cheesy script. anyhow they showed the trailer for “time to leave” a french […]

when dwight was up here a few days ago, we did alot of work on his computer. he had been complaining that he couldn’t do alot of things he wanted to, including watch the motogp races that he had subscribed to. one by one we took care of each of his issues. so we switched […]

UFC 60


during the preview special i find out that matt hughes previously fought sean sherk. i need to see that fight. preferably alone. in my room. with no one else home. mike swick wins with a guillotine, what a suprise. brandon vera wins the same way. nigel says, somebody win by something other than a guillotine […]



i wonder if i’m the only one who this happens to, but how else am i gonna know unless i ask. there are some people who you meet and within minutes of talking to those people, you know there’s a relationship there. i’m not necessarily talking romantic. i’ve met more friends this way than lovers. […]

i have a plan this summer. a plan to turn my room from a gadget dump into a swingin bachelor pad. well actually it’s not my plan, it’s tim’s. i came up with the needs, he came up with the concept. it will be executed. i’m tired of living like this. so i’m finally making […]

shoe whore


i don’t wear dress shoes, pretty much ever. instead i have a weakness for fine sneaks, but you know that right? so lately i have come across so many sneakers i want to buy i’m not sure what to do. i certainly don’t need any new ones. but that doesn’t stop me from constantly thinkin […]