comedy central uber alles


it is sad times that we live in. what has the media come to when the boldest news shows and comments on our current society come not from “professional” sources, but from america’s comedy network. oh i’m not saying that the reporters from the WaPo and NYT who are breaking big stories about government corruption aren’t doing a good job. no, they’re doign frickin awesome, but the guys at comedy central are making those stories and more accessible. and in their own way, they’re being just as balanced as an professional journalist. they may not always tell both sides of one story, but they’ll lambast people from both sides of the aisle for their stupidity.

if you haven’t heard already, stephen colbert took the ultimate potshot this weekend. digging in at both the president and the white house press corp to their faces at the annual white house press corp dinner. bush may seem dumb, but he was smart enough to figure out that colbert was roasting him and he looked pissed. so rich! you can watch the videos and send stephen a thank you for having the balls to do what no one else has done yet at thank you stephen colbert


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