a little vacation


bud light and a giant BBQ

i have not been bloggin because i have been working a bit too hard. after jesse moved to seattle to work for microsoft, i never really adjusted to doing everything myself. that might not have been so bad if jesse and i hadn’t learned that doing a good video takes about 2x longer than doing a bad one. now every video takes two days.

anyhow, after finishing another review, i took off with craig and eric to the central valley for a little getaway – a weekend of doing nothing, drinkin beer and hangin with the rednecks at the county fair. there is a whole lot of nothin to do in los banos, even when the fair’s on, and that’s the highlight of their year. it was awesome. start your day with a coffee and then do nothing but drink cheap beer and eat meat til the bars close.

the highlight should have been the demolition derby, which was totally excellent. 5 rounds of cars smashing the shit out of each other and some good tactical driving as well. but i think we’ll all remember our 12 seconds of fame on the coolest mechanical bull ever. one of craig’s cousins took crappy little videos of each of us (except me, seriously!) on the bulls. i’ll have it up on youtube soon


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