live in new york, but leave before it makes you hard


apple storeit is rare that i wish i lived in new york. i’ve visited enough times to know it’s not my place. but it is the one place where every company i like or respect feels compelled to open a flagship store. sure there was a time when the SF apple store was a flasgship, but that time has passed. This summer apple, new era, and then nokia are all opening flagships in new york. not to mention the scores of other flagships there like supreme, busy workshop and more.there is no way i could afford to shop at all these places and live in new york. i can barely afford to shop at them and live in SF. but i think for once, i may have to act like all those rich suburban women i despised growing up and take a shopping trip to nyc this year. or, more likely, i need to find a good excuse to go to nyc and tack on a few extra days to visit all these places and make sure my credit card is all paid before i go.


2 Responses to “live in new york, but leave before it makes you hard”

  1. 1 Jesse

    Dude Napapijri is opening a store at 149 Mercer, 10012. We must plan a shopping trip, but not for a while, so we’ll have some money to spend 😉

  2. 2 GramBorder


    I want to all of you know, World is mine, and yoursite good


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