yes! no!


i don’t know! was that a question?


ohhhh the new macbooks are so pretty. and in many ways they are buffer than my powerbook. but i still can’t decide whether to get one. it’s not that i can’t decide between a macbook and a macbook pro. no. that’s not even a question. i honestly don’t even want a macbook pro. the question is whether to keep my beloved powerbook or go for the macbook.

right now “upgrading” would mean imovie would be faster but photoshop would be slower. since i split my media time between the two about 50/50 there’s no clear answer. getting a pro would not make photoshop any faster, so there’s no real advantage. i love my powerbook and it’s huge screen, but a slow computer is the enemy of productivity (well that, and porn).

i know i should get a 15″ macbook pro, but i don’t see it as enough of an upgrade to go into debt for. i wouldn’t have to go into debt for a macbook, not even a black one (though i like the white). but if the pro isn’t enough of an upgrade to buy, how would the macbook be?

still it’s hard to hold off when i think how much faster i could finish making my videos for phonescoop. speaking of which! my sony sr100 comes tomorrow, which means that i’ll be able to save about 30-45 minutes of transcoding time for every video since it records in an iMovie friendly format. plus i should be able to do cooler things with it. SWEET


2 Responses to “yes! no!”

  1. drooooooooooool!!

  2. 2 Dan

    Well, you could always run Photoshop in Bootcamp until Adobe gets off its ass and updates it to run on Intel Macs. Kind of a pain in the ass to switch back and forth like that, but… eh.

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